Another nail in the coffin for CDs

I was at the local library and I noticed all the music CDs were gone. I asked the
librarian where they are. She said nobody take them out anymore so they decided to
get rid of them. I said that’s so sad, then she said I am welcome to take as many as I
wanted. She took me to storage room and showed me the bins. Knock yourself out
she said, I ended up with about 40 CDs.

I will make sure they are clean before I play them om my DMP.

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That breaks my heart.

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That is SO sad!

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Yes, audiophiles are the last few dinosaurs…for records as well as CD‘s and the appropriate HW to play them :wink: Strange that disc players continue to be produced and sell at all in this segment. I’m sure they won’t get a late revival some time as turntables or tape machines.

No loss at all. Even digital download volumes are decreasing. The good news is that subscription income is increasing strongly as the market realises that’s the way forward.

What this means is that the industry has to ensure streaming is financially viable because it has become the main source of revenue. There is no turning back to downloads, let alone physical formats.

These figures are already 2 years old and Amazon HD will probably make a big difference completing the transition.


Streaming is inferior. I may download a lot of music but I always burn to physical media to play.

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Christmas morning in the last house on the block where the kids still want CDs vs iTunes cards.

They DO stream (who doesn’t?) but anything they like, they want on CD. And they all (I have seven, six still at home) have CD players in their bedrooms.

Thank God for Discogs Marketplace. I’m broke enough as it is.


Well, yer just a Luddite, man ; ). Just don’t say anything against ancient British speaker technology🤷🏻‍♂️


As a KEF guy, I resemble that.

God help me if I ever put together sufficient cash to get a pair of Maggies.

I would think there are more CDs in the world than vinyl records…not sure. But likely at some point a nostalgia for them will kick in with some generation or another.


This doesn’t surprise me at all. The people who were buying CDs now get their music from online services. Even audio nuts like me are not buying CDs these days.

Given the nostalgia for cassettes that’s building, I don’t doubt that.

I think my top hated thing, in a way, in the long run - was the Jewel case. Put the majority of my disc collection in ring binders. SACD cases are an improvement. While I was still producing CDs and DVDs for clients, I would buy boxes of SACD cases for sending them copies, and put a lot of my own discs in them. Nicer and stronger.

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In the past two weeks, I purchased 26 CDs: The Beatles, “Abbey Road: Super Deluxe Edition” (3 CDs); Frank Zappa, “The Hot Rats Sessions” (6 CDs); Tubby Hayes, “The Complete Fontana Albums (1961-1969)” (13 CDs) [thanks for the tip, @lonson]; and four used CDs at a local record store. I also subscribe to three streaming services (Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify). I like streaming, but I am a collector, so I will continue to buy CDs as long as they are accessible and reasonably priced.


This week, I’ve bought “Abbey Road: Super Deluxe”, Phil Collins “The Hits”, Brand X “Moroccan Roll”, and the three disc edition of Fleetwood Mac’s paean to the creative power of cocaine, “Tusk” on CD. Also ordered “Don’t Look Back” on vinyl.

Not to account for the kindly gift of CDs from @1cdfoley on his quest to get down to a single CD.

I’m a hoarder and always will be.


Me too!

I didn’t like jewel cases either as they always managed to break right where the hinge is. Very cheap to get a stack of replacement cases when needed.
Compared to the new cardboard cases they come in jewel cases seem way better. Now they often just stick the CD on one side stuck between two thin pieces of cardboard :open_mouth:. First thing I do is dub it to my server and place it in a protective sleeve then stash for safe keeping.

You and me are not the ones who are moving the needle on CDs sales as I’m sure you know. The average music listener is streaming and don’t see a need to purchase CDs.

I hate, hate, hate the jewel case. The cheap, breakable plastic and amount of space they take are terrible. The SACD cases are a LOT better, and the cases MoFi used to use for their gold discs are good, but both have become basically unavailable to buy alone.

A few years ago I spent a lot of money to move all my non-box-set CDs into these in buckets.

They hold the CD, the back sheet and the booklet. They’re easy to flip through. And they can fit two wide in the buckets I use.

Sadly, Container Store no longer sells the great, heavy duty grey plastic European buckets anymore (must have been too robust; everything similar they sell now is cheap sh*t) but I SHOULD have enough on hand to last until I die.

As the late great Rodney Dangerfield once quipped, “I don’t like cocaine . . . I just like the way it smells.” :rofl:

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