Another rave review for the M1200s

The Absolute Sound has posted a rave review of the M1200s. Stereophile did the same a while back. One wonders … are the M1200s at least the equal of the BHK


Here is the link to The Absolute Sound review.

This seems to be the common attribute cited in comparison to AB like the BHK. That said, I’ve not found a direct comparison that concludes if the difference is negligible or not. The heat and power savings are compelling.

‘But—you knew there was a “but” coming—the M1200 is simply not on the level of costlier amplifiers in offering an unimpeachable treble region when it comes to tonality. In my view, the M1200 closes the gap between switching and Class A/B amplifiers to a remarkable degree—but not all the way. It has great clarity, but simply remains a little tonally thinner on top than other top-flight amplifiers.’

I guess I’ll have to get a pair of BHK 300’s to close the gap.

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An excellent plan.