Testing M1200 versus M700

M1200 just arrived and I want to hook one up on the R channel and leave the existing M700 on the Left channel connected for a listening test. Is that safe?
i am using a BHK preamp.

Absolutely but probably not a great way to judge the differences.

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Very difficult to asses differences in the sq of soundstage from an unequal pairing

It’s just like testing 2 different types of tires simultaneously on one car (2left, the other 2 right) :wink:


Thanks to all for your input, I am not going to connect as I asked. Both are connected and warming up at this moment.

It will likely not be hard to tell the difference. And with amps (perhaps particularly) it is more informative to listen for days or weeks before A/B’ing. Spend some time, and with lots of different music, whatever your initial reaction is. Despite the fact that the Default Internet Thing these days is, “I just plugged it in, and it is…!!!”

I did just plug it in. :smile: While it is warming, the dogs want to go out, me too. I do have a 250+ hours belief.
As always, thank you Beef,

It is clear to me from recent experience that some Class D amps benefit significantly from burn-in. This is independent of how they sound out of the box. They also can react negatively to being plugged into passive power devices. So unless you have a Regen on them, plug them into the wall.


Always on works best for me. M700 for almost 3 years.

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Congrats. I guess you got those spades attached. Happy listening.

Are you suggesting that plugging the 1200s into a P20 would make them sound worse than plugging them into the wall? Is the P20 considered a passive device?

No - it is a Regenerator. Creates new clean power from the wall and feeds it to your devices.

My experience is that Regen AC into Class D amps is better than into the wall, and may also be better still than plugged into a passive/filtration AC device.

This is with both nCore and ICE class D amps.

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Thanks for the clarification, I have my stellar m700s plugged into my p20 and they sound great. I have the new M1200’s on the way from PS Audio and are very excited to hear the difference :+1:

@badbeef in the past I think I remember you saying somewhere that you miss the M1200’s. Are you able to articulate what parts of the sound you do miss?

I was referring to the Alphas last fall at that point. So those observations are no longer relevant.

I’ll be looking forward to another M700 vs M1200 comparison. :+1:t2:

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They should arrive by Wednesday, I should have them installed by the weekend. I actually have 3 1200’s coming for l/c/r channels and I will be moving the 700’s to the rear channels and 300’s to the top channels in a Dolby Atmos system. I will post my thoughts as soon as they get burned in👍

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That will be insane! Very jealous! Enjoy! What are you using for your surround processor?

@paul172 I am currently using a Marantz 8805 which I am pretty happy with, but I have the upgrade bug and would like to demo the new McIntosh MX 170.

The Marantz seems like a great processor. Are you using four Atmos Channels or six?