Any opinions on the Hegel H30?

Thinking about going big. They are $17K. Did we ever get a price for the BHK 600’s.

Professional reviews and owners report that the Hegel H30 sounds best run in stereo mode compared to a pair run configured as mono amps.

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My dealer, Audio Excellence has one that they are evaluating. I heard it briefly but can’t pass judgment based on a few minutes.

Absolutely amazing. Following are comments after using it in stereo mode with balanced inputs:


  1. Possibly the best bass in a under $20k amplifier
  2. Very smooth / liquid / sweet (tubelike ?) high end
  3. Ultra-precise imaging
  4. Holographic (as is expected at this price)
  5. Very powerful. Very high peak-current capability (320,000 micro farads!)
  6. Runs cooler than virtually any other amp out there
  7. High damping factor. Can ‘manhandle your woofers’ if you want
  8. Fantastic resolution. Can hear a lot of detail in the music


  1. Mid-range is only decent. There are amps in this price range (or lower) with better sounding mid-range (vocals).

It has been a while since I heard the H30, with Revel Ultimate Salon II speakers, and the above pretty much sums it up. One thought as I type this if you are interested in the Hegel, you may want to consider the Luxman M900u. I heard it with the Focal Sopra 2’s some time ago and thought the match was pretty good.

Not about the H30 but I found this review compelling.

An update: the mid-range issue was with my network audio adapter. After changing it back to what I had used previously, I get glorious mid-range.

My preamp is the Hegel P30 (amazing) and the speakers are the Focal Scala Utopia (+ twin REL subs). DAC is the Holo May.