BHK 300 Monos vs Luxman M900U (mono blocked)

Has anyone here compared the two of them? Contemplating my next updraft from BHK 300s and wondering what that might look like.

M900u is end of life, being replaced by M-10x. Out now in Japan, should be available in the US this spring. I had the BHKs for a few months but gave them up after repeated quality issues. Replaced them with a single M900u. The bass was stronger on the BHKs, but everything else is better with the Luxman. M-10x reportedly addresses the bass issue. Have not heard M900u run as mono blocks, but online comments have been mixed.

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See Jay’s Audio Lab channel on YouTube

He’s owned 343 high end amps in the last 6 years at last count, typically 4-5 at a time, including the two you mentioned. He ranks the m900u as one of the 3 best amps under $20k that he’s ever owned (he’s owned it 4 times). He comments on PSA and BHK300 in his 3 tier group vids recently, check the 3rd vid in series. Just one person’s opinion (but a person who has owned almost everything). Of course, ymmv

Six days with each amp should be more than enough to perform a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of each.

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I once asked him specifically about BHK 300 vs $9k Luxman L590axii integrated, and his response left no doubt

I couldn’t have addressed Jay’s credibility any better than Elk. He’s an equipment “hustler” it’s debatable if he owns or has owned anything.


Please provide evidence of your libelous allegation. I’m not affiliated, but that’s a pretty serious thing to allege

You said it yourself 343 amps in 6 years. Most retail stores would envy his record.

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So you are simply guessing? Wow

He’s got hundreds of videos showing the amps. Go see for yourself if you don’t believe me

There’s the old saying about glass houses.

He’s had BHK 300s and P20. How did he get them if he didn’t buy them? Did PSA send them to him?

It’s your allegation. Defend it

I don’t need to defend anything. I’m comfortable in my own skin. It’s the internet, of course it’s true!

Jay’s Audio Lab doesn’t look like much of a lab and seems more like a Floridian gab. Never watched before, and very honestly, wasn’t impressed enough to continue watching. I watched the tier one amps vid, and he didn’t mention Luxman at all in the several minutes I’ll never get back. Must have been on some other gab that I won’t be making time for. Some Luxman products are made in China!

just curious, which ones? (I’ve googled, but sometimes there’s conflicting info on this kinda thing. One person said the SQ-N10 amp is chinese made, but I saw a photo of the back that shows MIJ. Ahdunno.)

“The 2 entry level Luxman integrated amps are made in China . 550,590,505 and 507 are made in Japan.” -Audioafficionado

This is just a claim made in a post by a random member of that audio forum - may be true, may not be.

I do not know what the entry level Luxman integrateds are, but one should be able to find a picture of the rear of the units and determine what they say regarding place of manufacture.

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I believe some PS Audio products are made in China! :roll_eyes:

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yep, saw that comment, too.

But which ones are “entry level” and “made in china”?

When I go to the Luxman site, and look at the integrateds, I see none other than the ones that are “made in japan”… the 550, 590, 505, 507… and of course the TOTL 509 and 595.

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Didn’t/don’t spend time on the site. I was being both a goofball and unpleasant. Excuse me.

If I remember, he’s got Luxman (and Pass Labs) in his middle tier of amps. Top tier is Boulder, Gryphon, VAC, (couple others I forget) …, brands at that level (fwiw). But his deal is cost no object. Oh and some of those tier videos (maybe all) were shot at Suncoast Audio bc he had the owner on as a guest commentator for those. The other 99% of vids are from his room at his house.

And there is one video from awhile back that shows a ton of the amps he had before starting his YT channel - dude had a small little apartment that was just filled with gear. In one photo the baby stroller is sitting among like 8 pairs of speakers, pretty funny.

The video where he talks at length about the m900u is something like “my 3 best bang for buck amps” maybe a year ago or so. There might also be a “3 best power amps under $20k” where he talks about m900u - can’t remember for sure