Any plans to offer a preamp, streamer, integrated amp with HDMI 2?

I really don’t want to go the receiver/AVI processor route. Do you have any plans to offer a preamp/streamer/integrated amp with HDMI 2 functionality so I can connect to my TV set to view content on my computer, blu ray player, etc. as well as use the better audio quality of one of these components.

That would mean PSAudio needs to process video. A whole othe game.

Better questions would be would they be making an integrated amp with digital input and maybe a matching component that does hdmi audio extraction to I2S.

But even the integrated amp would it be BHK quality for pre and amp. Then somehow build in the DSD or Stellar dac. That would be a big deal.

We don’t, actually, but not because of anything other than we stay pretty close to our lane of 2 channel audio. The standard HDMI decoder for multi channel sound is not something we currently include in our equipment and for the moment, haven’t any plans on doing so.

Apple seems to be marketing that spatial, immersive, etc (Dolby Atmos) is the future of music.

I find sending the audio from a tv to say, a DSD Sr. over an optical cable does an excellent job. Two channel, but very clean two channel. But I also own AV Preamp Processors. @1cdfoley uses this method and he quite enjoys it.

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Hi Brian, I find I do not agree with your thought. My current Preamp Processor, an Anthem AVM 60, only does pass through of video. No processing. Its predecessor, the Statement D2 offered all sorts of video processing. Back in the day it was very helpful. These days most video sources don’t need improvement. When a lowly 4K Firestick can put out the kind of quality it does, and cost less than $30 when it is on sale speaks loudly.

If what the OP was talking about was sending a multichannel audio signal to a PS Audio product Via ARC that’s asking a bit much. Wrong company. Good idea though.

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I read it as connect to TV to watch something and use the PSAudio wish list product to do the audio. By video processing I meant a video HDMI board. If you look at the architecture of all the Processors, its separate board. keeping up with all the HDMI video specs etc… Adding adjustments to that like the D2 did is even more complicated.

But I guess paul answered all and said go away two channel only

Agree with Al. For a few years I considered buying a video processor but after buying a 4K TV and testing the optical out to my preamp, I was amazed, thrilled at the sound quality. I no longer needed a center channel due to the sound quality in my 2 ch system. TV voices, which were always a problem for my ears, improved dramatically. All improvements cost $16 for the optical cable (ignoring the 4K TV cost which I was going to buy at any rate and it does great video processing internally). $16 is a good reason to test this route before buying more components.
I also recommend the Firestick, if you don’t like it, return it for full refund.

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