Anyone else order UpTone etherRegen? Percent improvement?

I’m convinced the Mutec Ref10 adds value to the EtherRegen, in particular when coupled straight with BridgeII using good RJ/E. This audiophilestyle topic offers nice insight about extern clocks with the ER.

I took the Matrix route. Although my (modified) MelcoN1ZS10 offers sophisticated RJ/e output it immediately became clear that the BridgeII was surpassed going AQ Diamond usb>Matrix>AQ Diamond i2S>DS, so i dismantled the Bridge.

Adding an UpTone UltraCap 1.2 to the Matrix was another nice jump up.

Thereafter came the EtherRegen, with my AQ Diamond RJ/E into the Melco SQ-wise a nice step up streaming Qobuz and Tidal.

Most recently I purchased a 6V Farad Super3 with SR Orange fuse, Furutech Rhodium AC inlet and upgraded DC cable level 2 silver. Connected the Farad (powered by P10 with Siltech SPO-18m) to the Matrix and OMG, wasn’t prepared for this one. Quite unbelievable what a really good LPS can do to the Matrix, this is a revelation!!

Finally connected the Uptone to the EtherRegen which ultimately yielded another small improvement streaming Qobuz & Tidal.

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I have recently added a Matrix and am breaking in the etherRegen both good additions to SQ. I also added SBooster LPS to each which raised the SQ again. Having some time on hand, I added vibration products to the Matrix and both SBoosters. Again, an improvement in SQ. I use Harmonic Resolution Systems footers and damping plates to good effect. I guess I will upgrade the power cord on SBoosters and may even go to the Synergistic Orange fuses having had good luck with fuses on my components.


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Just got mine. First impressions are not sure … The high end is sharper than without, altho I gather things will settle down with break-in time. Things do sound different, although I’m not sure how much better … Gonna let it roll through the weekend and see how it goes next week, do some A/B. Alex was great to talk with so was encouraged by the level of customer engagement provided. He is very confident in the product.

Spoke to a well known and popular manufacturer, including PS Audio customers, last week. Told me about a new ethernet improvement product about to be launched. Can’t say anything, but may be this side of the New Year or very early in 2021.

I had a thought, didn’t write it down, now it’s gone.


I’ve had the opportunity to hear my EtherRegen in a small system I put together based on a Hegel H-190 and LSA 10 statement speakers. Same great results. The small system before the ER was nice but a bit edgy. With the well broken in ER in the system, music makes so more sense.

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