Anyone enjoying bad music? Or badly recorded music?


Listening to Deep Purple Machine Head now. Crappy (poor quality, poorly done) recording but I love it.


agree 2L sets the standard in its SACD releases


Crappy recordings of great music have never been a problem. Also listening to great music on a crappy system, although I prefer a decent reproduction. But wasting my precious time listening to crappy music? No way! Even if the recording is audiophile quality. Life is simply too short for that.



A great deal of my listening is to orchestral music from the major labels. Early digital, inelegant multi-miking, poor mastering but the performances are worth it and, as we all know, selecting the right transport, DAC and other components increase enjoyment.


I take the opposite approach. I buy music to listen to it. If my system doesn’t allow me to listen and enjoy all my music I need to change my system. To me the music is the most important part of my system.

But we know everyone is different.


[I 100% agree!


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My single favorite Eric Clapton tune is Layla, but the only official recording by Derek and the Dominos is abysmal. It’s a muddy, cloudy mess. For some reason, my memory of hearing it in the Goodfellows soundtrack sounded better, but that’s not a movie I care to revisit (just to verify that memory). The rest of the album, Layla and Assorted Love Songs, is much better. I find it disappointing that a great tune that could/should be an audio spectacular is hopelessly lost. My SACD, in fact, highlights rather than improves upon the sound quality.


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Couldn’t agree more. One my biggest frustrations of this hobby. Sometimes I just like listening to music that frankly sounds like crap on a resolving system. I have a secondary system running a cheap AVR and makes crappy recordings sound really fun. One of my favorites…
I don’t care who you are, when you listen to the track ‘Fantastic Man’, you’ll be tapping your toe.
Also, check out William’s story. Really interesting guy.


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Interesting indeed!

How about Daniel Johnston? I like “Walking the Cow” on the ‘Music in the Key of Z’ album. No, I’m not saying that is bad music. Not at all! Badly recorded? Yes. It’s kind of outsider art, very authentic IMHO… but what do I know… I simply like it. Works on my “hi-rez” system too.

Available on YouTube here:


For really enjoying “bad” music, I should recommend The Shaggs “Philosophy of the World”. I’m not alone, Frank Zappa liked it too… They where probably in full control, therefore real geniuses…

The Shaggs Off-Broadway- The Oedipus Project


Badly recorded but great:


The poor sound is intentional. Young recorded in a refurbished 1947 Voice-o-Graph vinyl recording booth at Jack White’s Third Man Records recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee. These booths allowed anyone to cut their own record, direct to disk. The spoken words are addressed to his dead mother.


Obviously the recording’s awful, but I actually quite like the song. William Onyeabor’s stuff never sounded good, but I think the music is quite fun!


Is Futurist “bad” music, or innovation?

I time traveled electronic music back from Subotnick/Silver Apples of the Moon (1967),

to land in 1913- Luigi Russolo; the Intonarumori instruments and the Art of Noises manifesto. If you like listening to machinery static or the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet or Bladerunner 2049, check out “Ancient Life was all Silence”, on Qobuz.


I have the Don Johnson album in the basement. Along with various collections of trucking songs…