Anyone here into PC building with custom liquid loops?

Build this one in 2018, now it’s a bit long in the tooth. GPU market temporaly(still a ?) stablized after the cyrpto crazy, now everytime I use this machine something inside me is whispering. Don’t we all familiar with that little voice?

Intel 9900K 2080TI and other bits


I have two gaming rigs, both built last year. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to do my own custom liquid cooling, sticking with AIO, sealed liquid cooling in both. For me, custom cooling is the next frontier and I do intend to try it with my next build. 2018? Yikes, time for a new build my friend. I’m running RTX 3090 cards in both machines and those are already obsolete. I paid an insane amount for them. I’ve felt that itch to upgrade to RTX 4000 series cards, but oh my goodness prices are still pocketbook busters. Alas, my next build will have to wait.

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this is my backup rig, main rig is AIOed but also long on the tooth, 5950 + 3090. The power budget of the latest and greatest isn’t my cup of tea, only reason I’m holding out