I thought I saw somewhere about using Xbox ONE PSU as USB PSU, DIY?

First of all I thought what I saw said the Xbox ONE PSU is a great Linear PSU? afaik it is the worst type of atx smps? The back of the psu states +12v,+5V. There are only two VDC leads. How can it be two voltages? If so, +5v would be correct, ignoring the +12v or you would fry all your gear. Then I am not sure how you would go from it’s external molex to a 2,5mm barrel? I am guessing I imagined this or it was a dream or something.

The reason I am bringing it up is because people always accuse me of pie in the sky posts. Which is often true. Here you can get a used psu brick for $20 if this deal actually works? It would involve almost no skill to put it together. If it can replace a LPS-1 or whatever for $15 I think I actually just made a ‘contribution’.

If someone helps me weed out the details on it. Otherwise if it was indeed a daydream of nine I apologize. For all I know it could have been a PS4 or who knows what. Although I bet all of these are smps. Heck, if it works even I would take a listen to it.

On that note I just posted about an upgraded version of another awesome super budget tweak on another forum but I did not want to spam and cross post so I suppose that is going unnoticed here for at least say a week. Depending what backing the post on the other forum gets. If no interest there, I will just spare you folks here.

Meanwhile I do have an interest in the Xbox PSU but, firstly do not even see how it can be done and second it does not appear to be a LPS to me? Thank you

I don’t know thw answers, but some laptop barrel plugs have 3 terminals (one for PSU sense data in the case of a laptop) so it could be -ve, +5, and +12 in theory.
Pretty much nothing seems to come with a LPS now unless you go out and buy a LPS specifically :confused:
I agree a source of “accidentally well made” LPSs would be very useful for DIY-ing :slight_smile:

The only thing I have seen remotely close is 2 very nice looking LPS on Amazon for about $100 I think. I am betting they are of dubious quality though? One of them has a continuously variable dial. You have to hit 5V right on the head. Accidently bump that thing and hit 20v or whatever a lot of expensive smoke then.

The other has no display which is fine but who knows how it measures. The innards look pretty decent and I think that one was not much money at all if memory serves me correctly. It just has screw terminals. So you just wire your barrel plug right up to it. Not for total beginners that will get the polarity wrong though :slight_smile: Barring that, it is a piece of cake. It is not a kit, 100% built.

Just search Amazon for 5V or 5 volt linear power supply and select price low to high. Make sure that “prime” is un-checked. That is honestly the best I have seen sadly enough and it does come in a nice case too. I doubt it is as good as a LPS-1 and certainly not a JS-2. Now that I got my Hynes today not even close but I will evaluate absolutely anything to give back to the community.

There was in fact a source long ago. Sometimes pop up on Ebay. It was the Radio Shack 800ma variable output “regulated” huge wallwart. I can get the part # if anyone really wants to look for one. They are about $10 used! I have had some in service for 30+ years too! It seems to be an smps but it actually is linear power. It measures miles better than IFI’s little bricks.

What do you mean? To hack the Xbox PSU to be used as USB power?

I don’t know if and how it would work, BUT I know Xbox PSU is a “smart” PSU and it communicates with the console and goes into sleep mode, protected mode, and even low power mode in case of crashes or voltage spikes. I know for sure, as mine went into Limp mode just a cpl of weeks ago and I had to do a few different procedures to RESET the PSU from low-power mode to output full power.

Not sure how suitable that could be for simple USB PSU… if you found an article, pls share.

EDIT: Here’s some details, so the two prongs one carries 12V, the other 5V, I think if you are interested could possibly hack this and get a 5V lead to power something.

I have no clue? I said I thought it might have been a “dream” or something. As in like a real dream, IE sleeping. I cannot find anything about it now! not only is it an ATX, you are correct that it is a ‘PWM’ ATX. Plus it is SMPS like all ATX. I have no idea what I was thinking of. the " easiest" thing is amazon. get something better on Ebay but wait a bit for it.

Money of course will go further if you get a kit. wait until your skill level is right though. Plus the usual Chinese sites. I know I talk about very expensive things but I feel the average person. I like something great for $25 too. Trust me, I like it better than something great for $$$$. Since doing it expensive takes no brains. doing it cheap takes ingenuity!

I am particularly interested in PSU’s. that is my area of interest. I mean, other than actual sound of course. One thing I forgot to point out. if you undertake these projects. you need a good de-solderer. a good de-solderer costs much more than a good regulated soldering station today.

one that captures the flux and fumes. so flux does not just deposit somewhere else on the PCB and cause an open circuit you must go looking for. so factor that in your budget if you want this to be your hobby. everything now in factories is electrostatically spot soldered.

I actually like to try out different stuff even if it is cheap so long as I am sure it will not blow anything up. Many times I have been the one to uncover something inexpensive that performs on par with a much more expensive counterpart! however, I think Xbox One PSU is not going to be on the table!