Anyone Rolling Tubes In The BHK 250/300’s?

I see a lot going on with rolling tubes in the BHK PRE. Is anybody rolling tubes in the BHK 250/300?

Personally I’m a big fan of the Gold Lion tubes so I’m most likely staying put with them in my BHK 300’s. I might even roll some Gold Lions in my BHK PRE.


In case you haven’t seen there are a few threads here:

Personally I like the actual tubes that come with the amp like yourself. I have some Mullards and some others that I ordered (will post the type when I can find it) that are NOS. To be honest I didn’t really think they were better than the stock tubes - maybe they need running in more to differentiate. Anyway I don’t want to waste the ones that I have so will wait until they stop performing well before I properly use the NOS tubes.

I did a search on BHK 300. Jeez…how the heck did I miss them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks so much.

No problem. If you know any good European/UK tube dealers or come across some please let me know as I’m finding it hard to find much variety here.

I posted this in the other thread:


I’ve bought Mullards and Brimar here.

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Thanks I will check them out!

@drarifakhtar - JAN, 2019 rolled PC88s for the BHK250 w/ Herbies dampeners. If you search I posted pics; need to be careful on adding dampeners for the BHK 250/300; restrict them from touching door & interior wall. After ~400hrs they settled in lovely. I had ~1350hrs on the BHK250 and loved the sound with the PC88 tubes…

Pics: Has both PRE & AMP, Title is PRE

APR, 2019 - Just rolled PC88s for my new BHK300s w/ same Herbie dampeners. They have ~150hrs and are starting to unfold nicely.

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Thank you for the recommendation I will take a look hopefully can find some near me. I already have some dampers that fit but I will definitely be looking to get some of Herbies too!