BHK preamp and BHK 250 power amp tube rolling

FYI - I have read all the previous tube rolling threads. My question is the following: Which has the greatest affect on sound quality when tube rolling the BHK Pre or BHK 250 Amp. I own both of these products. Thank you.

I dont know for sure but it makes the most sense that the preamp would be modifying the lowest level signal so it would have the most influence.
I fooled around with tubes a little on my BHK preamp and BHK 300’s. It’s more than I want to keep track of or care about but it was interesting that after all of the interest in having a system that measures “near perfect” but then add a bunch of distortion to make it more fun to listen to.
Only an audiophile would make that decision. :thinking:
Hope this helps!

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