BHK Preamp Satisfaction and Sound Questions

As many of you know I have purchased the BHK250 amp. Now I am leaning towards purchasing the BHK preamp. For 20 years I have used the Audible Illusions L2 preamp which is limited for tube rolling. I am hoping in buying the BHK pre that I can obtain a synergistic combination with the 250 amp. I realize their are many years of experience on this forum and respect the opinion of others. How would you rank the BHK pre in your years of audio experience? One plus to the BHK is tube rolling. Does the BHK pre have natural transparency? Is the BHK pre musical as opposed to analytical? Any other thoughts would be appreciated. I realize my questions are subjective but they do give me a baseline of understanding.
Thank you - Steve

In my experience it’s nice to be able to roll just two tubes in the BHK Pre and make a noticeable change in sound. I recently put some Mullard’s in mine replacing a pair or Siemens 7308’s. The sound went from smooth and detailed to a tubey liquid. I like it.