Anyone see this thing? (Melco C100 Ethernet cable)

Wonder if it makes a difference.

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Melco kit connections specific, no?

Actually no. It’s a standard end. All their stuff uses fiber. But on the web page it lists others like Rose can use it. Instead of two sfp and one optical cable. They have this. Is it worth the cash? I have no idea.

Looks interesting although it seems it does not provide optical isolation as normal SFP modules.

why do you say that? its an optical cable with physical connection to their sfp. Again not saying it will make a difference, but the optical isolation comes form the media converter that this is plugged into. Or in the Melco case you can feed their switch with RJ45 and it has a single output from internal media converter. Use this cable form that to your streamer for example.

usually with SFP+ the optical cable is used (although there are metallic versions too).
however here are two pairs of silver wire - at least that’s what i red here Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Network Cable | Hifi Pig .

they mention also the signal integrity is preffered over speed and that it’s 100ohm connection, so i would assume it’s simply well shielded 100mbps physical link over two silver pairs (so probably standard ethernet, but maybe Melco went further?) terminated inside SFP+ module - which could potentially decrease some noise further inside device as they say on Melco page, but i can’t see any reference to optical cable or isolation anywhere…