Anyone use a BHK 250 with Wilson Sabrinas?

I have an excellent offer to purchase a BHK 250. I currently have a Macintosh c2600 preamp going into a MC275 VI as my main power amp, and while it sounds very involving and lush, the low end control and dynamics are sometimes lacking a bit. I have a small listening room (10x14)

Looking for any feedback from folks who might have tried the BHK 250 /Wilson Sabrina combination or any additional input on replacing my MC275 with the BHK 250 (I don’t really have the space to get a second MC275 as mono block combination).

Thank you!

I suspect you need to be asking a different question. But first, show us a picture of the speaker in the room.

My BHK 250 drives a pair of Wilson Sophia 3’s in a small room and sounds great, including the low end and dynamics (I do have a REL subwoofer, too, for the lowest end). The combination would sound even better in a bigger room.

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I had a pair of Halcro dm78 mono blocks powering a pair of Wilson Sophia 3’s also. Whilst Sabrina is designed for small rooms, Wilson speakers with their ported enclosure design typically don’t like small rooms. I suspect the position of his speaker in the room has more bearing on the end result than the amplifier which is powering it.


Placement and room size are certainly important. On the other hand my Sophia 3’s do pretty well on the long wall of a room that is only about 10.5 x 13 feet. As my speaker dealer put it after a recent visit to help dial-in my REL, I’m basically listening in the near field but he thought my set-up was still one of the best he had heard with those speakers (and he’s not a PSA dealer). He did recommend getting a bigger room, however.

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Or changing to a speaker that works better in a smaller room. Which is why I changed from Wilson to Magico and never looked back (I’m now on my third pair of Magico after upgrading from Sophia v3).

Makes sense but given my budget (and retirement plans in the not-too-distant-future, I hope), the Sophia’s are going to have to last a long, long time. Fortunately, I’m quite happy with what I’ve got. Magicos would certainly be on the list if I won the lottery, though.

I bought my Sophia v3 new, and I sold them 2 years later for more than I paid for them. However I did need to top up those proceeds to move into Magico territory. And more so over time since. I was happy to pay the price of entry, especially where I am now in the product line-up. Ultimately you get to a point where you don’t need to spend any more money.

I suspect in @slange00 case, the BHK isn’t going to bring much to the party for him due to the speaker and the physical space in which it lives.

You could well be right.

I bought my Sophias early in the product cycle and they raised the price quite substantially before they discontinued the model.

My BHK 250 replaced a PSA Classic 250 and it made a very substantial improvement, including in the areas the OP is concerned with. The only way to really know how it will work in a particular system is to get one on a 30-day trial and listen.

Yep. I made a $2000 profit when I sold my Sophia v3. Happy days. That doesn’t happen very often (although I’ve had quite a few other similar wins in the past).

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