Advice needed: new pre-amp and power amp for my KEF Reference 5

Hello, my actual setup: KEF Reference 5 speakers with McIntosh MA8900 integrated amplifier. Want to switch to a pre-amp and power amp that allows more authority and more important provides warmth and emotional sonic.

Thought the BHK Pre and BHK 250 could be a solution or something like McIntosh C70/462

Question: does KEF Reference 5 matches with BHK 250? and will be there a substantial jump to more emotions? I am listening singer songwriter, country, blues, rock, sometimes classic

Thanks for any advice.

What you currently have and also what you’re considering are all very nice choices.
Your speakers are 90db and 8 ohms, so they should be easy to drive.
The only way to know if you’ll get what you’re looking for is to listen for yourself.
If you’re in the US, PS Audio has an excellent trial program. Listen to the BHK 250 and preamp in your room with your speakers and setup.
That said, the BHK 250 is widely thought of as very dynamic while having some tube warmth.

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Welcome, Lars!

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Thank you for your answer. I live in Switzerland and to listen the new gear at home before buying is complicated. Especially with the Covid-19 situation. I think the speakers go down to 3.2 ohm at 80Hz - but yes for a good amp it shouldn’t be to complex (meaning the MA8900 has 200 Watt and the BHK 250 has more than the double).