Anyone used Antipodes P2 I2S output to DirectStream?

I know people have waxed lyrical about the Matrix USB-I2S converter.

Has anyone used or heard about the Antipodes servers (EX, CX, or both) connected to the Antipods P2? This provides AES/EBU, SPDI, and I2S – compatible with the PSA pinout.

Seems like a reasonable, one-vendor integrated solution. I’m optimizing the DS input, and eager to avoid lots of boxes / vendors.

I guess not… I’m currently quite happy with the EX USB output to the DS (via Curious Cable); I’ll report back on the EX > P2 > HDMI > DS.

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I’m interested in your findings, so please do report.

Not much reviewer information on the P2 but at $1500 it is about 1/2 price of Innuos reclocker @ $3149 and it has I2S on HDMI that Innuos does not have. BUT, no comparison reports on sound!

So I now have the EX set up, the P2 has been sitting idle while I waited for the 2 HDMI cables I purchased from another forum member to get un-lost by the shipping company. I have been listening very happily to the EtherRegen > EX > CuriousUSB > DS. I would say this configuration was warm and smooth, non-fatiguing, brassy when needed. Overall an improvement and definitely warmer tonality than the previous configuration, which was wall ethernet port (connected to CAT7 connected to a standard wifi router) > Blue Jeans CAT6 > EtherRegen > AudioQuest Cinnamon > Bridge II DS.

I have now confirmed that the PSA HDMI cable (stock that comes with the Memory Player) and the AC12 HDMI both work up to 192khz / DSD128. I’m listening and will come back with impressions. I don’t know if any break-in on the cables is to be expected (unlikely given that they were certainly used) and I also don’t know if any break-in is due on the P2 itself as I purchased it used as well. So I’ll wait a while, keep signal running through everything for a few days, and revisit. At that time I’ll be able to switch between the EX>USB and the EX>P2>HDMI configurations of course.

Regrettably, I don’t have a Matrix thingy sitting around to compare.

I’ve finally reported on some of my later findings here.
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