I2S source


I just stumbled on this device :


Looks to be a network source with I2S output, smal screen and remote control…

Specs say it only supports DSD64 sadly

Does anyone have any feedback on this little thing?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm, this is a new one on me. It says “DSD 64 at the meantime…” I wonder if that means they have plans to go beyond that. I wonder how much it costs.

Take a look at the Aune X5. This wave player does also support I2s.

Doesn’t look like it will take Ethernet In.

I wonder if it is just playback from SD card and/or USB disc.

looks like it’s not on their website anymore, not good for the trust of enthusiasts…

reviews I read here and there mention various bugs and software releases, unclear status of ethernet in…

For the moment there’s no proof it beats my Pi, won’t buy it unless I try it ;o)