Aragon amps and Dan dagastino,s nome being attached to them ?

As far as I know krell was made by dan dagastino. And when he left the company when did he open the new company ? And why is the aragon amps attached to his name in some literature regarding those amps .


My understanding from Aragon’s original advertisements many years ago is that they contracted Dan’s services to design their circuitry. I believe that there have been some evolutionary changes or enhancements to those original designs over the years though, particularly since the company is now under completely different ownership.

Thanks and they do reference him in that way. A nick name for them is the poor mans KRELL. I laugh at that

As I have old KRELLS and them the 8008 BB and they sound very much the same and about 1/4 the price about 2/3 of the weight.



The 8008 is also in my system still going strong! Together with krell 222.

I have three of them in my office rig. Then sound really good to me too. Are yours the SE or BA input.

Model 8008 BB .?