Infinity Kappa 8 worth playing with?

In the course of goofing around on Craigslist this morning I came across an ad for some Infinity Kappa 8’s for what seems to be a good price. Assuming they are in good condition I’m curious as to others opinions on these units and potential pitfalls to be aware of. Units are from 1986 if that helps.

Other than being the killer of more power amplifiers than I have fingers, nothing. There’s a bass extension switch on the rear that lowers impedance to below 1/2 an Ohm. Just make sure your power amp’s OK going that low.

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Thanks for the input Paul. I figured for $200.00 they might be fun to play around with but $200.00 for the privilege of mangling more expensive equipment? I’ll pass.

Well, just don’t turn the switch to the extended position or, make sure your amp is protected. If it’s one of ours it’s no problem at all.

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Watch out for the Polydome midranges used in the Kappa 8’s as their cover caps are prone to rotting. I spent some time playing around with an older pair of 8s that showed up locally that needed midrange replacements. I found a replacement pair on ebay but they also rotted out after about 2 years. Mine were more trouble that they were worth.

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I think I paid $300 for mine.

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I have read about the PolyDome and it’s aging issue over the last day. I found a source for a fabric replacement but I just haven’t had the chance to read further on it.

There is a seller on ebay that offers to rebuild the Polydome’s for about $150 a piece and claims 10 years life after that. It may be worth a try.