I only had the quick start to go by last night but did get it sorted. Thanks Frode. :)

New Aries Mini from Auralic.

great product for a 2nd system or bedroom

SBT killer?

Looks very promising. The article refers to an Android app but doesn’t say anything about iOS. Hopefully the existing will work or a new iApp will be available as well. I still have SBT’s in use in my second and third systems (one system per floor of the house). It was and still is a great interface device, although I’ve never used its built-in DAC.

I think an external version of the Bridge will meet a pretty stiff competition if it is not half price of the internal one, but I would guess the price indicated is highly unlikely to happen. $1k+ is more likely given the announcement of extra features. The competitors have also progressed in the same period. I wonder what PS audio have up their sleeves on the strategic intent and performance side…

Just my 10c on the matter. I would like to be proven wrong, but I doubt it. Time to market is a critical factor, IMO.

Hmm, intriguing. If it’s a modern version of a Touch with a similarly strong and flexible interface it should be very intriguing indeed.

If we make an external version of the Bridge so others without a PS DAC can use it, it will be, by necessity, more than the Bridge, not the opposite. You would have the cost of the Bridge plus a chassis, power supply and I/O’s to contend with.

Can Aries take output from CD players (digital or analog), clean it up, remove a lot of jitter and then pass on that analog or digital form music down the chain?

It sure would be handy for a lot of people to have a digital lens attached to existing CD players, which improved the sound quality when put through a good DAC.

Lots of companies charge mega-bucks for their CD players trying to preserve an analog signal through signal chain; so it would seem that a value proposition is easy to establish and doesn’t have to compete with an Aries mini after all, it would just need to be cheaper and almost as good as its nearest competitor. Which might be the existing PWT, probably the cheapest high-quality CD player going around.

No need for more expensive CD players by anyone ? Does the Aries product line do this ?

No. The Auralic Aries products only have Ethernet, Wi-Fi and USB inputs.

Anyone but me who has tried the new LDS server (part of latest firmware)?

Haven’t tried the LDS server. Still using jRiver as my server since it serves both my Aries / Directstream combo in my 2 channel system and my Perfectwave with bridge in my HT/music system.