Aural Aries Mini

I have a PWD Dac Mk2 without a bridge (and a P3).

I use the PWD with a streamer by USB. The streamer has issues and is no longer supported. I also bought a QNAP a year ago for mostly non-audio reasons.

I also have an annual subscription to Qobuz sublime.

This unit seems to be the answer as it has Qobuz onboard and has its own player and works with all the QNAP players. So potentially a one-box solution (and a cheap one too).

There was an earlier thread about the Aries. I presume this will just plug straight into the DAC by USB and work straight off?

It should. It seem to do everything the Aries does, and then some (built-in DAC, hard-drive slot), for a lot less money. Early reports are promising.


My mini orders are on the way. [ disclosure, I am a dealer].

Although it is unlikely to match the SQ of the full Aries [price difference is significant] the reports thus far have been positive.

FYI the Mini now retails for $549 USD and comes bundled with a free one year subscription to Tidal Hi-Fi.

You can up the SQ significantly by also ordering the optional external power supply [same as used with the Aries]. $300 retail.

The differences will expand with additional software upgrades like DSP room tuning etc that will be free with Aries but additional cost for the Mini.

I would still give the SQ edge to the PSA Bridge2 but the user interface of the Aries line is wonderful. I use both every day and for different reasons.

I bought an Aries Mini for my office and then the larger Aries with external psu for my main system. It is a wonderful system, in no small part due to superb software. These days I listen to most of my music via Qobuz, which has been on the Aries since the start.