Audio Fidelity 1950s-1960s - Study in High Fidelity

Does anyone have any of these old Audio Fidelity “A study in High Fidelity Sound” records?

What is your opinion on the sounds, the company, the introduction of stereo… etc.? Comments?

I have a Don Shirley CD 44.1 from 1958. WOW!!! heavy heavy stereo… cripes with my headphones on, it feels like I have two heads located in two different rooms. And what a detailed, neutral recording it is. Very very interesting. This recording has some of the most detailed bowed bass I ever heard. The stereo is broader than Nina Simone Little Girl Blue and I thought that was w-i-d-e.

Apparently, Audio Fidelity published the first stereo record recorded in 1957 and released in 1958 that included a description of what “high fidelity” was. Music on one side, train sound effects on the other.

Bruce in Philly

“Mr. Stereo” Sidney Frey:

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