Audiograms: How Often Do You Have Them?

I tend to get an Audiogram every 24 - 36 months but I’m curious about others.

I was unaware of that. Now I am aware. I do not think I have encountered that yet. I have had my hearing tested in a sealed chamber wearing headphones and I know anything above 12.5K is lost on me. I have tinnitus as well. Oh well.

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@aangen I am likely incorrect, but a formal hearing test in the booth like you had is considered an Audiogram.

Is an Audiogram a condition or a test? I got the impression it was a condition. Reading comprehension fail?


had one a few months ago, mostly to have a baseline file

sadly, the audiogram did not measure above 10,000, but perhaps could have if I had known to pursue it…next time, I will

note: part of the test required very loud signals

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I need to stop virtually hanging out with @aangen. My first thought upon reading the OP, was not about hearing tests.


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I visit my audiologist at least yearly for an in-the-booth computerized hearing analysis. Then I sit down with my audiologist and we compare on her computer how my hearing has evolved over the last 12, or so, years. We look at my hearing aid compensation curves over the years vs my deficiencies……and then, with my current feelings about my hearing, we adjust my several hearing aid correction programs and then load them into my aids. Luckily my hearing hasn’t changed much in recent years……so, it’s just fine tuning now. I’ve determined, (with Chris Brunhaver’s advice) that the ‘latency’ that my aids have in the higher frequencies is not affecting my perception of my listening program. I have a specific ‘music’ program that is free of the various “environmental listening accommodations” that my other programs believe are beneficial. My “Music” program/setting is pretty pure and it sounds great, to me, when doing more serious listening. At 80 years old I’ve got a lot of musical history that I’m still able to enjoy ……. In the fullest….I’m hoping it continues.


It’s probably NOT tinnitus, but rather it IS the rabbits talking to each other or to you!

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First thing I recognized here was “candygram”. I’m a simple man.
Last trip to Stephanie The Audiologist, I didn’t drop off until 14K.


That’s pretty amazing Ron! Hats off to you for taking care of your hearing. I’m envious.

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And he is good looking. Sigh.

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For all the years I played in dumbass rock and blues bands, it makes no sense.

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I have wondered since my youth how musicians who perform with amplification are still able to hear.

How is it possible that Roger Daltry, Steven Tyler, Dr. Dre, and hundreds of others who are notorious for bragging about astronomical live dB levels, able to hear?

Custom fitted ear plugs.

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I’m referring to the days when performers used box monitors and not the custom IE monitors.

Maybe it was the perfect combination of alcohol, cannabis and cocaine that somehow protected hearing?


Over half of rock/pop musicians have hearing loss and/or tinnitus.

Sadly, so do many of their fans.

Also many conductors and classical musicians.