AudioPhile Masters Volume II - Special Offer


I have a new unopened copy of Octave Records AudioPhile Masters Volume II I am offering up to forum members. Instead of offering it up for free, I thought I’d offer it to those who make a contribution to their favorite charity, non-political please, in the amount that they feel the SACD warrants. I should note the item is available direct shipped from PS Audio at $36 plus tax. Charitable contributions are on the honor system. To participate add your offer to this thread as well as your Charitable Organization. Upon mailing the item I will also match your offer to either your charitable organization or one of my choosing. The offer will expire on Tuesday March 1, 2022 at 5 PM MST.

AudioPhile Masters Volume II SACD-DSD Direct Mastered


I will donate to Cradle Beach Camp Home - Cradle Beach

I participated in a corporate United Way Day of Caring event there a 5 years ago and have returned and supported them every year since. A wonderful organization with a long history of supporting the Western New York community

If I am successful, please match donation to your charity of choice

Thanks for doing this!


Bump, for those who are interested as the offer expires March 1 at 5 PM MST.

Ice Age National ScenicTrail Alliance

The offer is now closed and I would like to thank John for his most generous donation to a very worthy cause.

Cradle Beach

I will submit a matching donation to my local chapter of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. The organization provides for and maintains an 1,000 mile hiking trail that the follows the most recent, 12,000 years ago, glaciation terminus within Wisconsin. Some beautiful sights and wonderful hikes are to be had on this trail.


Thank you for making it a win/win for me great music plus donations to worthy causes!

It’s always nice to have a gentle reminder to share good fortune to those people or places that need and deserve it the most

cliché’ warning - during these trying times it is easy to get caught up in our own lives and push our charitable/volunteer endeavors out of our immediate consciousness. I hope @weedeewop’s gracious offer prompts others to volunteer or donate to a cause or organization that is near and dear to them

I am confident that many members on this forum (such a great community) routinely give toward the greater good, this offer was just a great reminder for me. Hope my statements didn’t come across as “preachy” not at all my intent


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