Audiophile Switch Necessary?

I have a SoTM SMS 200 that I’m streaming from my TP Link Archer C7 Gigabit Router to my Stellar Gain Cell DAC using Audirvana as the source through my network.

Would it benefit me to consider an audiophile-type switch, or would my money be better spent elsewhere? Or would it maybe even benefit me more to add a better power supply to the TP Link Archer Gigabit C7 I currently have like an iFi or something like that? I’m just trying to understand the benefit of considering adding a switch. I have no drop-outs, and no problems with internet nearly ever.


Money is usually better spent on better speakers to get better sound.

I have been testing (for my own curiosity) AQ-SWITCH SE, that is a rebuilt D-Link for audio streaming via Ethernet. I have tried to hear some difference between my old Gigabit Netgear switch and this audiophile high-end router during couple of month when using it with my DS Junior thru the built in bridge, but for me they sounds the same. I have friends who say they can hear difference but also that it’s different between DAC’s. I suspect DS Junior bridge is not very sensible for network noise within certain limits.


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Very interesting, thank you for your experience and insight.

So if that is potentially the case - is there even a point of having a switch if you don’t need one? Should I just plug my SoTM SMS 200 directly into my router and forget about it? Or would I see a boost in sound quality from even using something as simple like your Netgear Gigabit switch?

I’ve read that some people believe that going directly into a router can pollute the sound and that using a switch is preferable. Any experience with this on your end? Thanks.

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My experience is that connecting the DSJr directly to my router (Verizon) hurts the sound significantly. the times I’ve experimented with this approach, it introduced a lot of noise and made my music sound quite thin. Although I don’t use an audiophile switch exactly, I hear a tremendous improvement when using my Ubiquiti Toughswitch.

I would be very interested in hearing from others that have, in fact, introduced audiophile switches or other ethernet treatments, like filters.

Connecting my Ultrarendu direct to my router is what started my ethernet investigation. It sounded awful.

I realize a small benefit with a pair of these between my last switch and streamer.

Switchy stuff on separate dedicated w/isolated ground circuit from all audio components which all share another of the same. This did way more for me than any switch or ps or fiber converter swap.

I would be interested too, and I’d be interested in knowing if something like a ethernet filter would negate the need for an audio file type switch.

What switch are you using?

Currently using a Dlink dgs105 modified by SoTM. Powered by 5V Jameco Linear. Modifications are linear regulators and audio grade capacitors.

I keep my switch on a separate circuit than the rest of my gear which are on dedicated circuits.
I heard degradation of SQ with switch/fmc’s plugged into my Dectet powering my SGCD. Sound muffled significantly while watching TV (optical). Test conducted with usb unplugged from DAC.

I did not buy a fancy power supply due to the upcoming EtherRegrn which will be 7V -12V.

How did you acquire a Dlink dgs 105 modified by SoTM? Did you send it to SoTM to be modified? I don’t see it on their product page…

Through email with May Park.

Thanks! I’ll email them and see what they say.

I just hooked up the new SOtM sNH-10G switch with the upgrade EVOX caps, additional EMI shielding, and 7N UPOCC copper wiring powered by a Paul Hynes SR-4; and it’s a significant upgrade. There’s a solidity to vocals, increased focus, and better separation between instruments. At the same time though, it doesn’t feel too analytical. It’s was pretty audible for my buddy and I. It was compared with the Linear Solutions (great product, lower price point), and an “upgraded” stock switch, and some stock switches.

I do agree with the previous poster that having a separate switch does help isolate some of the noise from the router itself. It’s not saying it’s 100%, there’s still some downstream impact.

Switches are tricky thing right now because it’s only recently we’re seeing more audiophile grade switches coming out. Linear Solutions a few months ago, SOtM even more recent, and the forthcoming EtherRegen (also excited to see what they have in store).

If anything, start with a good LPS and you’ll get some immediate results. And it’ll be something you and reuse if you decide to get a full on switch.

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Thanks for posting your experience!

So is the EtherRegen an actual switch as well, or just a filter for Ethernet? If I’m understanding all of this correctly… Would the EtherRegen negate the need of a switch?

And a note about dollars spent, yes it can add up quickly and depending on where your system is at – that can be better allocated to things like a better DAC, speaker, etc. For me, I’m at a place where it was just “the next frontier” so it made sense even though I didn’t want it to. My wallet would have thanked me otherwise!

And for reference, I’m using the SOtM ethernet cables too.

The EtherRegen is a switch from my understanding,


EtherRegen is a switch with 4 common ports running gigabit and one clean 10/100 output.

There is also an input for fiber.

Thanks. I can see now why you’re looking forward to the EtherRegen. If you end up getting one and want to sell your SoTM modified switch let me know and I might consider purchasing it :+1: I did get a hold of them so I’ll see if they’re selling them by themselves and what it costs.