Audirvana vs, J River for DSD playback

I am new to digital file downloads/playback and so far I have only used iTunes to play Qobuz files.

All my files are PCM but I want to start downloading and playing DSD files (which iTunes won’t play).

From what I gather online, for DSD playback it’s basically a choice between J River and Qobuz. Anyone familiar with both players?

Any opinions on which is easier to operate and has better sound quality?

FWIW, my converter is the RME ADI-2 DAC and my computer is an Apple iMac running OSX High Sierra 10.13.6.

I’m not using PS Audio gear.


Audirvana with DMG Audio plug in EQuick is one that I use. Roon as well. I have a JRMC25 master license, but it mostly collects dust these days.

Interface Roon is the best. Sound Q is very good. Audirvana is excellent too. Interface on JMRC can be tough unless you really get dialed in on it. Roon and Audirvana support is good.

I have been using jriver since I started computer audio. I use jremote w my tablet and I find it works swell - looks great - and I think is simple to use. I have terabytes of music on hard drives that I put into my libraries ( Jazz/Rock/classical). If I recall - everything loaded up fast considering the size of the library and the search capability is great. I play bit perfect… have a lot of sacd iso files / dsf etc … and everything plays without a hitch.

My question is about sound quality using bit perfect. Do you find audirvana to sound better than jriver? And if so - how?

I have used jriver with remote on ipad for years. Used a tryout version of audirvana a few weeks ago and it really is much better than jriver! How? I do not know. It seems that it configures my nuc computer in a way which reduces noise or timing. Try it!

Cool. And I didn’t mean ‘how’ how. But what improvements …:slight_smile: maybe I’ll look it up and do some investigating. Always trying to get the last drop out of it aren’t we?

I bought fidelizer awhile back and like what it did.

I like how Audirvana sounds over JRMC. That is a purely subjective opinion. YMMV.

I have literally tried every Mac based playback software available. For just sound quality, Amarra Luxe is really good, but buggy.

HQPlayer also sounds great, but has a terrible GUI and library system.

JRiver sounds good, but I never cared for it’s GUI either.

Audirvana does sound very good, but for me the iPad remote is unreliable and it’s library system clunky.

Roon, in terms of function, library management, and iPad remote is on an entirely different planet compared to the competition. Roon is way way way more advanced in that regard, but SQ is mediocre.

Roon allows seamless integration with HQPlayer, and that combination is overall, with no close peer, the best I’ve used. But that combo is pricey at $750 :disappointed_relieved:

The second place ribbon goes to Audirvana.

Good observations. I use Audirvana at my computer and Roon everywhere else. HQPlayer3 is used with Roon (not standalone).

MPD via my Bryston player is excellent as well.

I used jriver then. Jriver with fidilizer and then with audinirvana.
The last step was the biggets. Difficult to describe, but surely worth the investment.

My understand is the pc running Audirvana must be connected to the dac in order to see DSD.
A while ago when I tried it see my DSJ as not DSD compatible. In Audirvana settings,DSD option was washed out (not accessible)