Audirvana Audio Quality vs Usability

So decided to give Audirvana Studio 2.2.2 a try. Although clearly the UI and meta data management is light years behind Roon, it does seem to sound better to me. Still very early though, and I’m trying to figure my way around the options and general functionality. Anyone else using Audirvana and have some tips/tricks?

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interesting (or exhausting) thread on this over on the roon forum. Some say it’s a loudness thing. Others think it’s something to do with some DSP stuff. Some like roon better. Some like AV.

Ahdunno. YMMV.

I’m not a comparison aficionado, so the only reason I’d get Audirvana is to deal with the rare instance my internet went down, and I couldn’t open roon to play local files. But there are a hundred other ways to cope with that.

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My only problem is I have too many DSF files so Audirvana can’t read my library. Fail.

Usability, limited.

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Thanks, will give a read

Only DSF files I’m having trouble with are the DSD512 files. AV bombs trying to read those.

Wow! I have never had one of those, and I can only play those on my DAC via Windows. Bah. I don’t use Windows for Audio.

Well I haven’t found a way to play them at DSD512 yet, my Mac won’t do DSD Native. Roon automatically down samples to DSD256, Audirvana just blows up - so far. Haven’t found a way to make AV automatically down sample.

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