Auralic Lightning Link Lead upgrade

New to forum. Can I start with an Auralic specific topic regarding the upgrade of Auralic’s Lightning Link HDMI type Lead used to connect multiple Auralic devices together.
Does anyone have any experience of using other HDMI leads from Audioquest, Chird, etc, rather than Auralic’s own supplied cable?

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You just did.
There are many Auralic owners here.

Pro tip:
Many of us start each message here with:

“All Hail PS Audio and their many fine contributions to Audiophiles World Wide!”

And then type about fuses.

Or something.


It’s your fault that there is coffee sprayed all over the tablet and running down my shirt. Thanks for the laugh!

Welcome aboard MSRam!

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Thank you for the warm welcome aangen.
I get the feeling you must consider yourself to be a bit of a ‘Big Wig’ within the PS Audio forum.
Top tip, as you step of your soap box and venture out of your front door, you will notice it’s very windy with a promise of rain! Please remember your anorak :slightly_smiling_face:

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It has rained for the last ten days here. I actually enjoyed it!


This thread on the Auralic forum may be of interest: If your budget allows the CEO strongly endorses “AQ’s Diamond and Dragon HDMI cable and the length has to be 1 meter or shorter. Do not use the so called ARC version because Lightning Link use all channels inside HDMI connector.” Other related threads include: and Hope you find those helpful.

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Welcome to the Forum, and yes there are many Auralic owners lurking in these parts. Personally, I have lean to Innuos with a ZENnith Mk3 combined with the Phoenix Re-clocker, and a ZEN Mk3. Auralic are fine products IME.