Chord and Tellurium Q digital cables

Does anyone use them?
Which ones and how do you like them?

Nobody ?

I used to use a variety of Chord cables years ago (when I first got started in hi-fi). A the time they were relatively affordable and sounded OK for multi stranded cables.

Once I started using solid core cables like Audioquest I just couldn’t go back to any multistranded/coaxial variety.

They just don’t sound as “right” to me. Hence I just use AQ now - even their cheaper cables sound really good and I think that is down to the solid core construction and geometry used.

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Thank you @drarifakhtar.
It is so system dependent : I am trying a bnc Chord Sarum super aray between my Lumin U1 and the DSD and I like it better than AQ Diamond usb, the AQ coffee aes/ebu, and the AQ carbon.
A bit of an unfair comparison, because the Chord is twice the price of the AQ Diamond.

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I think it is more dependent on personal taste. I just don’t like multistranded cables in any of the many systems I’ve constructed over the years. I’m also referring to analog cables as I’m not sure that AQ use solid cores for the digital cables so it probably isn’t the same for those.

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Multistrand QED79 are hugely popular low inductance cheap cables.

I’ve used a Chord C usb cable for years.