Auro-3D Upmixing

I’m in the process of building a dedicated room and I purchased JBL SDP-75 (Trinnov Altitude 32 OEM) for what I thought would be for the theater but I have been very impressed for how it does with 2-channel. Also for the first time I tried upmixing 2-channel audio with Auro-3D. To my ears it’s absolutely amazing. It’s like I went from a very good illusion of a 3D soundstage to an actual 3D soundstage. I always thought multi-channel upmixing was gimmicky. I don’t if it’s the Trinnov or Auro’s algorithm but I feel like it would be hard to go back to normal 2 channel listening.

Just curious if anyone else has tried out Auro-3D and what your thoughts were.

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