8D Music over Headphones - Neat Effects

Has anyone come across the “8D Audio” on Tidal, Apple Music, or YouTube and tried with high end headphones?

I was absolutely fascinated since the headphones literally disappear and my soundstage is 10 ft around my head at times.

I wasn’t aware recordings could be this expansive or put music behind you. It makes me wonder why there isn’t a filter to be able to move a band around a soundstage. Say if I’d like it to sound like a band is 5 ft in-front and to my right while on my computer.

I know PS Audio isn’t a headphone company, but I like using their dac and can’t always blast the stereo system. If you haven’t played with this, I’d encourage checking it out for fun.

It is amusing. The producers add reverb and then use a 3D stereo panner to move the music around. I imagine those who like ambient/trance find it particularly fun.

This is a fun idea as well. Flux makes some nice software, but I’m not a fan of the GUI.