availability of DSD files

Glenn Gould Collection just got remastered through DSD mastering

this means the collection exists as DSD! Somewhere…

why don’t they release it in DSD format then?

At least for downloads!

maybe one day, for yet another Glen Gould Collection box…

According to Sony: “The first generation of Goulds’ recordings were available on magnetic tape in the Columbia archives, permitting us to ensure maximum sonic authenticity by applying the high-resolution Direct Stream Digital procedure (DSD).”

Whatever this means.

I suspect the remastered files being released as PCM began life as DSD captures of the original tapes, with the remastering done in PCM. It is possible remastering was done in the analog domain and then converted to PCM, but this is improbable. The remastered files may or may not exist in DSD as conversions from PCM.

I don’t know about this release in particular, but the question of how to transfer tapes and/or archive music and what formats to release music in are often made by different people. Tho DSD isn’t convenient for DSP, DSD is great for archiving, recording and playing (like a great tape player) and many albums were transferred from analog to DSD and later converted to PCM for release. The Sony Super Bit Mapping does an excellent job of converting DSD to PCM and many of the PCM layers of SACDs were simply converted from the DSD layers via SBM.