Axpona 2018

I’ve been getting regular updates on AXPONA and today I received one that inspired me to look at the exhibitors list. To my surprise I saw that PS Audio was listed as an exhibitor and will be on the first floor in the “Journey/Creation” room! Now the real question, will this be a full on display or a just a presence? AXPONA has moved to a new hotel further away from O’Hare (amen!) so the rooms are a big unknown. Regardless, if PS Audio is there in a significant way I will be too. So what say you Paul?

We are going. They offered us a fancy room at the last moment due to a cancellation and we took the plunge. We’ll be there with bells on our toes. Thinking about a full Stellar system demo this time. Have everything on display, the staff, etc.

I want pictures of the bells.

I want to see pictures of the Staff Display :slight_smile:

Elk, it may be too much for this crowd. I’ll send you private pictures. You sexy devil!devil_gifblush_gif

Make sure to include royalties. All of a sudden you appear in the Playgirl mag. without knowing… pulling-hair_gifhappy-082_gifsurprised-011_gif

Toe cleavage may be a bit too risqué for publication.

Hey, great news Paul. It was nice to see you (on your own) there briefly last year. Will be even better to see PSA in full presence this year. happy-048_gif

Paul, Mark (badbeef) and Scott

Good to see the McGowan lads, Terri, Leebs, and Scott Schroeder, and other members of the PS Family, including pmotz, starter of the thread!



How does the Stellar sound with the Trefs ?

Did not actually have a chance to sit down. Sounded fine from the back of the room.

Either Paul grew a few inches, or someone is slouching!

I heard them a couple of times today, the first was not in a very good position so we’ll forget that. The second time was the end of the day and I was the only one listening. Sounded very nice, though can’t say I’m real familiar with the sound of the Golden Ears. I will say they sounded warm, I think Paul may favor a warm sound since when I heard the IRS at PS Audio it had a warm sound too (though a very refined one!). I also heard the Golden Ear’s in the Saturday Audio Exchange room and I thought the balance there was a little more to my liking. They were a slightly smaller room too so that could have been why.

Show is an easy 20 highway minutes from my house…should go…na, I’ll listen to my stereo and drink Rye whiskey. I do want the new P15 though! Will be looking at trading in my P10 closely when the prices are released!

My Triton 3+’s and Stellar I would describe as extremely neutral and responsive to system changes. Warm may be a result of the interconnects or as simple as the positioning plus the sub setting.

I had the 7s at one time and they were outstanding for the money. I also called for tech help a couple times and both times Sandy answered. That was cool…

Let’s hope next year’s Axpona includes PS audio speakers!!!

Is it me or is that an asymmetrical toe in I see on the Tref’s above?

P15? …