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On Prime day I finally gave in a bought an Echo dot. I have been hesitant do to privacy concerns but I did see some benefits and I thought my wife might enjoy the music function. For Christmas last year I bought her a Bose Wave Soundtouch. She has wanted one for years but I held off until they added Bluetooth. It’s in our kitchen and she does enjoy it, even with its overly “bassy” sound. When I got the Echo I linked it to the Bose via Bluetooth and we listen to all sorts of playlist with a much improved sound vs the Echo alone.

One big drawback I did not think of was the lack of stereo. My wife does not notice but I do. I guess I was naive but I believe most if not all of the Amazon devices are mono only. Also, looking for a Bluetooth speaker for use around our deck/pool area, a good share (not all) of those are mono also. I got me thinking. People are already moving away from decent sounding music in stereo but now mono becoming perfectly acceptable.

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Often inexpensive mono sounds better than cheap stereo.

Stereo produced by a radio, random speakers in a kitchen, etc. is just uncorrelated sound. You are not hearing any of the good things about stereo, such as imaging or a soundstage.

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I got a few a Dots and an Echo on prime day also. I didn’t expect much as far as sound quality and it does sound awful. Could be much better. The device is really amazing though once you set up all the skills.

many people seems to “hate” mono. But mono for me is a " blessing" if feels more acurate for me special guitar and acustic music.

I take mono any time before stereo :grin:

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