Amazon - streaming newbie

Hi all.

Decided to get the Amazon unlimited music - believe it is cd quality sound. As of now I just listen on my echo devices. I was reading that there is a pc app you can use as well.

I have a ton of music on external hard drives and have never really been interested in streaming. But - since I have it - does anyone know if I could download the app and have it go pc->usb ->matrix-> Directstream ? I believe it is 44/16.

And yes I know Qobuz is better. But just wondering if the above works and if anyone is doing it or if you are stuck w echo devices

No reason it shouldn’t as long as you stay within the length limits of unpowered USB cables to the Matrix.

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I will have to try it when I get home. I want to see how it sounds and it would be nice to to fiddle. I currently use jriver for my hard drives. So the setup is all there.

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It should work, I can’t think of any reason it won’t.

Have fun!

I myself have come to really enjoy Amazon unlimited music. I was a complete newbie to streaming as well. For the money, it works nicely in to my Stellar Strata. The iEAST Play app on my iphone is a bit limited, but I have gotten used to it and am fascinated by the amount of music there is to stream from Amazon.

Thanks guys. Going back to my stereo in June. Should be fun. I’ve got a gazillion albums but there is always this want to either try or sometimes people want to hear something I don’t have.