Bad Music Source with High End Kit

Is it logical to think that when using bad Music Source ( let say a poor streaming quality ) on a very high End stereo kit - the sound “signature” will be much poor then if using it in a “normal stereo kit” with the same Audio source ?
Meaning : As the High End kit quality goes up - a bad source will be more "bad "
Any reply will be appreciated.

Absolutely reasonable. A signature of a high end system is that it doesn’t mask flaws.

With that said, the music can still be enjoyable

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Thanks very much indeed

Yep. Some music that I really enjoy cranked up in the car is nearly unlistenable at any significant volume on the “Big Rig”.

That said, sometimes (most of the time?) it’s the recording quality that sounds good on lesser systems but stinks when played on a good system.


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That’s for sure! Some classic “car tunes” no pun intended sound terrible on a revealing system!

Some music streams / radio stations are tuned / equalized to essentially sound good on mobile devices and automobile stereos.