Balance then regenerate or visa versa


I came into possession of a Blue Circle MR1200, Balanced Power conditioner. Is it better to put it before or after my PSAudio PPP


I’ve always heard filtration before regeneration - but I don’t think it can hurt to try it both ways and see what you like.

Just make sure the line conditioner doesn’t starve the PPP in anyway - otherwise you’ll be losing some of what it does…but then, you’d probably hear that and pull the Blue Circle out. :slight_smile:


I should have mentioned I have a Dectet before my PPP. I did the switch to see if the THD would be less, but its the same. I figure I will keep the Blue Circle after the PPP as the BC only does 1200w


It,s better to use the balanced power transformer after your power plant premier than only you have real balanced power.

If you use the the balanced power transformer before the power plant premier than is the regenerated power not exactly balanced.

Why? The PPP used the fase(hot )wire of the ac in the input as reference and the dac in the PPP is related to on the hot wire.

The output of a balanced transformer have two fases and is floating,there is no real hot and neutral wire only +60 volt -60 volt and ground in the US.

You can hear the difference between before the PPP and after the PPP,I use to a balanced power transformer after my regenerator and the sound has more space and sounding as analog.

The output from the balanced power transformer +60 volt is related to the hot wire of your audio/video equipment ( black for the US and Brown for Europe) -60 volt is the white/blue wire. Yellow/green is ground/safety earth.


I forgotten to say,you can improve the results of your PPP to use before them a Perfect Power Base and after the PPP your balanced power transformer.

The results are amazing.