Balanced or unbalanced output to subs?


I must say, Randy Wagner at JL Audio is a totally class act. He went way out of his way to guide me in solving the connectivity issues I was having even though that meant steering me to a solution that involved buying a sub from a competitor instead of the JL e-110 I’d been considering.


I’m aware of the CR-1, thanks, which is at least another $2k on the used market. I’m thinking at this point that if there is to be an add-on, which I’m seriously considering, something more multifunctional and a lot less $$ like the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0, would be a better first choice, at least theoretically.

I’ve spoken with Randy at JL Audio before and gotten instructions about how to integrate my speakers in a series run. I’m not sure what more he can add generally to the point of this thread. Short of an add-on, it’s either running serial or parallel, each with advantages and disadvantages.

The underlying practical limitation I faced in adding subs with ATC actives is that good SQ subs with XLR connections are almost invariably a lot heavier and a lot more money than ones without. I’m not sure why that leap, if it’s technically necessary or a market decision or both, but it looks consistent across the board - e.g., JL Audio, Rel, SVS, even ATC.


Doing a search on this forum for discussions of using both outputs from the dac, it seems the odds are that increased impedance won’t be a problem: