DS Sr. connecting direct to a sub?

Is there any problem connecting the RCA analog outputs of the DS directly to the low level inputs of my SVS-SB12-NSD subwoofer?

In the manual for the DS Sr. it says to only use one set of the outputs at a time. Unsure why that is. I was going to use a headphone amp off the RCAs (with speakers using the XLR connections) but nixed that plan when I saw that in the manual. Maybe @Paul or @tedsmith can clarify?

See, this thread: Click

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That was it. Thank you!

OK, so the only issue is it unbalances the balanced outputs. I likely will try the RCA’s to sub idea and see if my ears tell me there’s any degradation in sound.

Alternative, XLR y-adapters successfully solve the dilemma.

I don’t see how.

I’m using the DS’s XLR outputs for connecting to my mono-block amps so they’re not available.

That leaves the DS’s RCA outputs available to connect to the RCA inputs on my sub.

How does an XLR y-adapter work in this scenario?

I believe nortonkp is suggesting that one keeps the out balanced with XLR outputs.
By using XLR Y connects to allow a second output to a sub and therefore not use RCA link up. Which is what I would do too. For me XLR is superior to rca

So in addition to the XLR Y, I would need an XLR to RCA adapter to connect to the sub since the sub only has RCA inputs?

Correct Cugething, XLR y-adapters are bested utilized on subs with XLR inputs.

The other option is to connect your DS DAC to your amp using XLRs and the connect subs with RCA from your anp’s unused RCA inputs. Paul has suggested this arrangement mean times. It assumes your amp has parallel XLR and RCA inputs and not a selector switch between the two.

So XLR Y’s are not an option in my case.

And the using the DS’s RCA outs to my sub will unbalance the XLR connections I’m concurrently using to my amp but otherwise do no harm.

Ok. This has all been most enlightening.

Thanks to everyone for the advice.

I successfully drive a pair of SVS SB12-NDS subs with my DSD Sr. Its single-ended outs go to my amp, while the XLR outs have Cardas adapters that allow me to run single-ended interconnects to the two subs.

I had my dealer run this configuration by the PS Audio engineers and they saw no problem with the combined impedance presented by my amp and the subs.

Works like a charm. I hear no degradation from running both outs simultaneously.

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