Basic preamp question

I’ve been sharing the same power amp (7 channel Krell Chorus) for my Hometheatre and music listening. It’s currently configured this way

Music Chain
PS Sr DAC (L/R output) → (through RCA) → Krell (input 1 and 2) → Speakers

Home Theatre Chain
Anthem Receiver (L/R output) → (through XLR) → Krell (input 1 and 2) → Speakers

When I listen to music through PS DAC, RCA is pumping signal to Krell (output 1 and 2) and when I watch movie, Anthem through XLR is pumping to Krell (output 1 and 2).

At any given time, I’m either using PS DAC or Anthem but not both, for obvious reason of sharing same Krell L/R input channel.

I feel this setup is not ideal and will create distortion and floor noise because I’m multiplexing the same input channel.

To untangle this LR channel multiplexing, will introducing a BHK preamp be the right solution?

So, both Anthem and PS DAC feeds to different outputs in BHK and I choose the input depending on HT vs listening to music?

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What anthem AVM are you using?

My AVM 50v2 has dedicated XLR analog inputs which allow me to enjoy the best of both worlds. If you can do the same and dedicate the XLR inputs on the Anthem to your DS Sr. I think you will find that to be ideal.


Good luck.

I’m using Anthem AVM60 (rear side picture below)
Previously I was having PS run through Anthem (RCA connection) like you mentioned but clarity was not as good as directly going from PS Sr to Power amp.

I am not sure what would be best in this instance. Its a shame that Anthem dropped the dedicated analog, XLR inputs.

Have you tried using the unbalanced, RCA outputs of the DAC into the analogue inputs on the Anthem. That would be best option as far as I can tell.

That way you can dedicate the RCA input to the DAC and bypass extra processing, but still use ARC, etc.

Good luck.

Is BHK an overkill for this situation?

Hush your mouth! There is no such thing as overkill in this hobby.


I don’t have any experience with the BHK signature preamplifier, but it enjoys a great reputation and has a home-theater bypass option that is reportedly very effective/handy.

It would be a great way to provide you with more listening options.

That said, don’t shy away from using Anthem’s ARC for optimizing your two-channel critical listening experience. I have yet to configure my room, add kit or tweak either one such that the DS Sr.'s output in my system did not benefit from running ARC.

The great thing about the AVM 50v2 is that I can toggle ARC on and off and instantly compare the “room corrected” signal with the “unmolested” signal and choose what I like best. I am assuming you can do the same with the AVM 60(?).

I dont think you want to connect two at same time. Unless the krell has a switch in the back to swap one to the other. I bought a Parasound P7 for 900 to do that. even integrates subwoffer. I want to get the BHK Pre at some point