Connecting both XLR and RCA inputs of my BHK250 amp: bad idea?


I have two different sources to connect to my amp (BHK 250): 1 PC equipped with a lynx 2B 5.1 card, and one DAC. The PC is used to send the right and left channels to the stereo amp, and the other channels to another power amp for the front and rear channels
I have no preamp.
I am looking for the best cost effective solution to connect bothe sources to my amp.
An idea could be to connect one source to the RCA inputs of the amp, and the other to the XLR input, and play only one of the sources at a time.
I suspect it could be a bad idea but could some of you explain me why?

It is a bad idea.
The output of your PC is in parallel with the output of your DAC.
Two outputs should never feed each other even if one is off.
Sound levels and quality can be diminished.
Potential damage to both sources is possible.

I bet if you use the search function you’ll find much has been written and it is a bad idea as @st50maint indicates, stood up by PSA literature I believe… need to read manual on the BHK250 to verify. I believe a lot has been written in reference to sub and main speaker set up with paralleling the outputs. The sub/main is questionable; however done… two sources… yeah… don’t think that will be a good idea… just as @st50maint indicates… ouch, that is a disaster looking for an iceberg…

Ok I understand, thank you!