Beautiful Music that Makes You Throw Up


I am beavering away trying to get out a deliverable… clicking through my vast library… I click on the The Carpenters Singles 1969-1981. Something I RARELY listen to.

So, I realize this music is really beautiful in so many ways… the arrangements, the melodies, Karen’s voice… all of a sudden, I begin to … Barf! Gak! Up came lunch!

What gives? Is there music in your collections that can do this?

Bruce in Philly


Karen Carpenter’s intonation was incredible, and she sung with excellent phrasing and diction.

Their music was beautifully performed and crafted, but it is drippy.

A lot of audiophile warhorses are similarly cotton candy and do not stand up to repeated listening.


Walking on sunshine does it for me


I enjoy the whole album (it’s really good in multichannel as well) until I get to the last track “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day)”. I’m usually good at ignoring lyrics if they get in the way of the music, but not on this cut.


Gee thanx Ted… I just threw up an expensive dinner. Great.

Bruce in Philly


I think they call this an “aha moment”. I once had a very skinny girlfriend who loved The Carpenters and always ran straight to the bathroom after eating. huh


Any jazz that works around a particular instrument makes me exhausted. Piano heavy, acoustic guitar heavy, sax or trumpet or bass heavy. I like a harmonious rhythm that blends all the instruments without a standout. I prefer trios than quartets and quartets over quintets. Neil Young makes me purple.


Too bad this thread ended in June. Has Anyone eaten since?
I feel a pun coming, if you did not like it, don’t bring it up.


I am a big Grateful Dead fan, but I have an issue when Donna Godchaux screeches during “Playin’ in the Band” . . .


Amen! Tone-deaf. Or maybe just stoned :slight_smile:


Agreed, and it wasn’t just that one song (although perhaps the best example). She also often came in at the wrong time.


Here I thought that I was the only one thinking, get her off that track, stage even.


OMG!!! Can you imagine a duet with her and Yoko?


I have to defend YoKo. We knew from the get go that she had no talent!

The poor thing.


I’d really rather not.


I do not believe her caterwauling meets the thread’s expressed criteria of “Beautiful music.”


Enjoy Florence Fletcher Jenkins


Hmm… I had to look that one up. The use of “Caterwauling” peaked around 1940… how old are you? Did you know Thomas Edison?

Bruce in Philly


I wish I had known Thomas Edison! And Helmholtz.

Caterwauling is a delicious, descriptive word.


Right … my point is that her bad singing had an adverse effect on otherwise-beautiful music.