Best and worst design language (physical form factor) in high end (or otherwise) audio

Or most attractive if you will…
Best: dCS and MSB
Worst: Chord (ghastly, really)

The Good and the Ugly…

The good: My old Magnepan 20… ~sniff~ ~sniff~ gosh I miss them…
Form followed function and they looked beatiful.

The ugly: My old VTL Deluxe 300 monoblocks… good riddence! Sounded fabulous but like dating a supermodel. Biggest pains the a$$es ever.
Form followed function and they got hit with the ugly stick. Not attractive at all. Nice legs, shame about her face.

Bruce in Philly

:heart_eyes: I can’t wait to upgrade my 1.7is to, well, some prettier Maggie.

My experience with Magnepan is a bit old now, but in the “olden days”, my friend had the .5, I had the 2.5R, and then the 20’s … all Magnepans back then had the same characteristic sound… the more you spent, the MORE you got. They don’t make a bad product in the bunch and frankly, I think they are the best value going. Unfortunalty, they require the appropriate environment… mine changed and now I am back to smaller, dynamic speakers… Focals now.

Bruce in Philly

For me:

Best - Gato Audio
Worst - Chord

Form should honestly follow function, period.