Floor Loudspeaker suggestions

I am currently running a PSB Imagine T3 pair. I have the chance to sell them this week. I was looking for suggestions on a decent upgrade to them. Budget is 16K.

I had Def Tech Mythos ST-L, Spatial Audio M-4 turbos, and Tekton Impact SE’s. I kept the Tekton for about 10 days. Wasn’t for me at all.

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I have heard the Focal speakers, and I feel they sound bright to me, same as B&W. The Goldenear Triton ( original ) sounded too much like the Mythos ST-L to me ( Sandy voiced both ).

Of course I will not afford them.


DeVore 096.

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Devore Gibbon X, Verity Otello, Vandersteen Quatro CT. All should be available for audition in your area or close

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Recognizing that Wilsons generate strong opinions (rightly or wrongly), still if I was looking for speakers at that price point, I would give a listen to the Wilson Sabrinas. But the choice of amp probably makes a significant difference. Every time I’ve heard Wilsons sound great (going back to the early 90s) they’ve been paired with big stuff like Krell, Spectral or more recently Boulder (described as “if God had an amplifier, this would be it”).

If you are sensitive to brightness like me and want something that sounds natural, balanced, and musically engaging - the Harbeth 40.2 might be right up your alley.


Maybe wait for the PS Audio AN’s to be released. If Focal’s are out, I would listen to the Wilson Sabrina’s and Yvette’s.

The newish Focal Kantas are warmer.

Great suggestions everyone. I was thinking possible Martin Logan Expression ESL 13A or 15A ( I am friends with a dealer ), or Dynaudio C4 Platinum. Anyone recommend Legacy speakers?

Darren ( great name ):sunglasses: I have been hearing a ton about the Harbeth these days. Would like to hear them. I am looking for a speaker that can be musical as anything, but also image like crazy.

The Focus SE is supposed to be an excellent speaker and well in your price range. The Aeris even better but a few thousand over your budget and some of the same traits as the PS speaker.

I’d be interested in maybe a PSA AN2 at some point. Over 25K then I’m out

Magnepan? I have a dealer an hour away

A couple others I’d like to hear are: Scansonic MB-6 and Audio Solutions Figaro XL.

What about the Magico A3’s? Haven’t heard them, but they’d be on my list in the price range you’re looking at.


Monitors and multiple subs is a far better approach for in-room listening than extended range floor standing speakers. Read Floyd Toole “Sound Reproduction” 3rd edition. Bass behaves as waves and will create peaks and troughs in-room that are location/frequency dependent. The best solution is 3 or 4 subs spread around the room, versus side-by-side bass generators. Note that DSP is only a bandaid and can’t replace ‘hard’ physics.

A big part of the physics is the room itself. For good sound it must be reasonably sized and of decent proportions. Again refer to Toole. Ideally the room is acoustically isolated and properly treated (recommend GIK).

At your budget, I’d recommend Dutch&Dutch 8C active constant directivity monitors and nice sealed subs (perhaps an AudioKinesis Swarm).

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I did sell the PSB’s last night, so Iet the auditions begin.

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I have owned Legacy Focus since 1997.
Depending on room size and amps, I would try to get a deal on the Aeris or get the Focus XD, which comes with a built in amp that you could use for bass only, or power the whole speaker.
I haven’t heard the new Focus, but did hear the Aeris at a show.
My money no object speakers would include the Legacy Valor, Sonus Faber Aida, Wilson, and Focal Utopia.
I do like some of the Vandersteen, but they can sound bright with the wrong amp. Tubes go well with them, but I doubt that I would ever buy a tube power amp. Now a tube preamp will always be in my main system.
If you listen to Legacy, and find them a little bright, have the dealer change the toe-in. When I was using the Benchmark Dac2, I had to lessen the toe-in. When I changed DACs, I had to toe them back in. It was a simple adjustment that had me loving my, at that time 20 year old speakers, more than ever. I use a Legacy branded Coda amp, and if finances changed, my first purchase would be to move up the Coda line for more headroom.

From the usual suspect I really like Magico, Wilson and Sonus Faber.
I heard few days ago Magico and Luxman combi and was amazed. Super natural, realistic and sweet sound.
The new PS Audio speakers looks like something to wait for.

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