Best next component for sound

Well, I can understand that. I’m also a user of coupons and price checker etc, that’s so I can spend 75G on my next HiFi purchase. The choker for me is not a wife, but somebody to buy my stuff that I’m upgrading from. I now work to a philosophy that the old stuff must go before any new stuff arrives, hence why the arrival of new stuff has slowed considerably. Fortunately the sound I have doesn’t make the upgrade path a priority. And dealers don’t help their own cause…I recently reached out to a dealer about a sub-woofer upgrade, they couldn’t answer my questions, they were going to call me back with answers, but they never did.

Yeah, I gotta ya. You got to save money where you can. Dealers can be slow to act if ever. That’s a good way to upgrade in my opinion too. it also doesn’t help that I have other hobbies that are expensive, traveling, cars, etc…

Sure. I just blew $10K on a holiday to Miami that might have gone to a deposit on my new speakers. I don’t get to the US very often, unfortunately I’m not passing through Boulder CO.

A wonderful refreshing attitude on an enthusiasts’ forum. Kudos!


I take it you are not married… or ever have been? :roll_eyes:

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Nope. You see that comment quite frequently in audio forums. Wife won’t let me do this or that. Sad.

It depends on what “let” means. If let means “My spouse does not believe in/approve and therefore I may not” it is sad and a poor relationship.

If let means we discussed it and reached a compromise on budget in light of other interests/needs/desires it is exactly as it should be.

I find disturbing those who proudly proclaim I got away with it by lying/misrepresenting the price/hiding the new component, etc.


This could be a whole different forum thread (or complete forum for that matter) :grinning:

You gotta take the good with the bad…

Plus one , Elk. As just one, I make sure to audition and burn in any new component with each and every piece of music that I know “moves” my wife to great joy…FIRST! She is far from an audiophile; still has pretty full range of hearing and is always impressed by the least improvement (and immediately hears the bad) in the system. So, when I get something else it damn well BETTER sound great!

When it comes to wives, I find it much easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission! :slight_smile:

There is probably a better place to discuss this sort of thing, but yes, both of my wives (I was a widower for seven years and then re-married) had a decided slowing effect on my stereo equipment expansion, but they’ve kept me just this side of “obsessive mania” and compromise has been good for me. And to be honest I would have chosen either over audiophile stereo “life” if I had to. I’m no “hobby-man woman-hater club” member! :wink: