PS Audio Phono Preamplifiers - GCPH vs NuWave Phono Converter

Has anybody here owned and used both of these phono preamps?

If yes, could you please describe the differences?

Perhaps give each a numerical ranking?

If those kinds of metrics seem offensive, please supply others?

And, perhaps most offensive, is the NuWave worth twice as much as the GCPH?

Thanks for any good advice here.

Cheers, Chaz

I’m offended. :slight_smile:

I thought you might be. :slight_smile:

Both are very good phono stages but just as an analog stage my nod goes towards the NPC. It’s easily twice as good as the GCPH IMHO.

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Oh, you Millennial forum leaders. :wink:

Thank you, Paul, for your kind information.

With the NPC, I’ve always had hesitation because I shy away from buying a product when I am pretty sure that I will use 50% of its capability only. (I used to own a standalone vinyl to digital converter - did a very few LPs and admitted to myself that real-time ripping was NOT for me. IIRC, that unit was a trade-in on my PerfectWave transport.)

Anyway, I don’t suppose that an analog-only NPC could be made and sold (even as a one-off) for approximately half of the price of the NPC?

(Dream on, true?)

Anybody else hereabouts who has heard both the GCPH and the NPC in your hifi system?

Thanks again, Paul.

Thanks and yes, I understand the sentiment. It was something we struggled with for the longest time when we came up with the NPC. The majority of expense in building the NPC is in the analog phono stage. Call it 90%. Adding in the A/D converter was not much from a parts standpoint. A lot from development costs, but once developed then you crank them out. From the description it sounds like most of the unit - well, at least half - is the A/D but in reality it’s an analog phono stage with a small A/D tacked on and with a few extra jacks.

But, that’s all engineering’s viewpoint.

Perhaps late 2018 or early 2019 there will be a new Stellar analog phono stage so if it truly grates on you wait for that.

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