-best roon settings for Directstream

Hello. I am running an Innuos Zen mk 3 as a Roon core to my directstream. Does anyone have any experience as to which settings sound the best ? It is all Japanese to me… Should I mention it is going via USB via a Matrix .

I have all Roon DSP settings off as I feel the DirectStream does a better job than Roon.

Play around though. You can convert everything to DSD within Roon which is essentially what the DirectStream does as well.


Using USB into DS DAC too. Since almost all my library comes from CDs, I have Roon DSP on Max PCM rate x2. The improvement is subtle but pleasant.

I tried Roon and found the SqueezeBox Lite sounded slightly better. So I am not running Roon. I suggest trying it to see which you prefer. Rumour has it Innuos will be releasing there new platform soon. No firm date, but the source was Emmanuel in Technical Support from Innuos. I am running an Innuos Zenith Mk III into a Innuos Phoenix into a PSA Perfect Wave DSD running Windom. All connected with WW Platinum Starlight Silver 7 USB cables.

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Hi Weedeewop, When you say “platform” you mean firmware right ?

No, This would be in lieu of using Roon or SqueezeBox Lite. I guess one could call it a firmware update. I’d like to think it goes beyond that. My understanding is this has been in the works for a couple of years. He didn’t offer a lot of details.

I send everything unmolested (no re-sampling, no auto volume leveling, no filters or DSP) to my DSjr and I let Ted sort it out. Sounds great. In the past, I have used just about everything in Roon - there is plenty of flexibility in the product to fix/tailor sound in the digital domain before it gets to your DS. I just have it all disabled right now and use analog-SP - i.e. the tone controls on my pre-amp :slight_smile:

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I’m in agreement with pbphoto … don’t tamper with perfection.

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Default settings IMO works and sounds best.

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The Innuos Phoenix USB re-clocker is an interesting addition. How do you describe the improvement?

I like your approach!

I had the re-clocker for about 2 months and then decided to get rid of it. I found that the matrix made a much bigger “difference” in terms of sound clarity. I wont use the word “better” .
I found it equivalent to the matrix - but the matrix is much, much cheaper.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. Which output on the Matrix sounds best for you?

is2. but not tried any of the others.

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Hi Richard,

Have you tried the Experimental mode in your Zenith?

In my system this made a much bigger increase in SQ than any of the DSP settings in Roon.

Roon Labs have basically dropped the ball on sound quality and focused on adding gimmicks like displaying lyrics.

So the Squeezebox player on the Zenith sounds WAY better than Roon. But you lose the great Roon UI. Experimental mode gives best of both worlds as it uses Roon as server but Squeezebox as endpoint player.

Its a bit buggy unfortunately and there are issues with tracks skipping. But in my experience that’s a small price to pay for such a big increase in sound quality.

Innuos have also configured Experimental mode to playback from RAM which is fairly cutting edge stuff as this isolates the output.

Have a look under Server Integration in the MyInnuos menu.


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HI . In the version of the innuos ios 1.4.5 it only allows the experimental squeezlite with roon. There is no real information on the innuos website. Where did you find any help ?

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Google is your friend :wink:

From memory the step in Roon itself to enable Squeezebox support was key.

Worth persevering though as (in my case at least) it was a night and day improvement.

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Thanks. That is really well hidden. It is a shame there is no forum on Innuos. BTW I dont use google ( am am in marketing myself) . Likewise, my mac is also showing that Psaudio uses a Facebook cross -platform tracker. …

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Given how easy it is to change DSP settings in Roon, I would suggest you try different ones to see what you like. For example if you like converting PCM files to DSP, etc. go for it.

Not to hijack this, but Innuos Tech support an new latform may be released in the next few weeks. Here’s hoping.