Best vocal performance - Female

I just listened to a performance that made me tingle… goose bumps…

What is your all time, over the top, best tune sung by a female singer?

Mine: Maria McKee - Show Me Heaven

Focal Clear headphones, PrimaLuna Dialog Premium HP integrated with KT150 power tubes, PS Audio DS Senior, very old Cardas interconnects. I ripped MK’ Ultimate Collection CD via EAC to my file server, Ether to my desktop computer to DS Senior via USB.

This is NOT a thread about your favorite singer.

Bruce in Philly

Sorry you have to look at some dopey actor’s face, but… I can’t find the simplified version I just listened to on Maria McKee’s Ultimate Collection.

Beth Hartman’s version of Nutbush City.

Alison Krass with Union Station in 2002. This was recorded using DSD. Not even a huge country fan here.

For those who don’t like country. Eva Cassidy Live at Blues Alley before she passed…


Nice, I was looking to buy the SACD for that concert and it costs quite a bit now.