Dusty in Memphis

Manoet said wbk- First, let me say that is an incredibly well-written review! I sense a kindred spirit music-wise and to that end I'd like to make a recommendation if I may. Yours is not the first mention of Shelby Lynne's songs I've seen here and specifically the two songs you mentioned. Without intending to trample your post or this thread I wonder how many here have heard those songs and many others Shelby has done recently that were recorded almost 50 years ago by Dusty Springfield. Specifically the "Dusty in Memphis" album? Recorded in 1969 in Memphis by the A-Team at Atlantic records, ie; Wexler, Dowd & Mardin with back-up vocals by Sweet Inspirations and the instrumental band Memphis Cats. The preceding years had found Dusty being the team of Bacharach-David's go-to girl. Think "The Look of Love" from Casino Royale. Incredibly sultry, evocative and lustful voice. For those that like Shelby give "Dusty in Memphis" a spin. Available at all the usual suspect's streaming services. Definitely in my top 3 all-time easy-listening and soulful albums. Esp the also Shelby done Randy Neuman written; "I don't wanna hear it any more."

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Manoet, Thanks for the kind reply to my posting. I just ordered the "Dusty in Memphis" CD (I'm a CD guy-very few downloads) and I very much appreciate the tip. I vaguely remember the album from way back and I hope this is a remastered version (couldn't tell from the Amazon website.) But I love her songs and am excited over hearing the original versions of her classics. In fact I nearly always prefer the original versions to cover versions, but the Shelby Lynn release is a major exception, largely based on sound quality, although the production is excellent and she nails the vocals. In my opinion, the Lynn album stands at or near the top of any list of pop/rock CDs that combine high sound quality with good performance and production. So it will be an interesting comparison.

wbk- Far as I know the DIM album hasn’t been remastered but has been in perpetual re-release since '92. My first foray into it was 8 track in 1969 and every subsequent format since. There are several domestic/foreign versions out there and the best I’ve found features 25 title tracks, 11 of them previously unissued as the original album only featured 14 tracks. While this album was produced/engineered by the ‘best-of-the-best’ at the time there’s obvious technical drawbacks. In this case however that adds rather than detracts, least for me. Its pure Memphis soul and just doesn’t get any better! Let me know what you think after you’ve spent some time with her.


Manoet said Far as I know the DIM album hasn't been remastered but has been in perpetual re-release since '92.
Analogue Productions has very nice hybrid-SACD available, remastered by Kevin Gray.


Thanks for the link but aint it always the way!?! Just tried to order… status; Back Ordered! Grrrr

Manoet said Thanks for the link but ain't it always the way!?! Just tried to order... status; Back Ordered! Grrrr
In stock at ImportCDs.com, DeepDiscount, and several sellers on eBay, not that this is in any way an endorsement for those places. Other stores indicate that a repress is pending.

While admittedly I’m tempted I’m also disappointed its only a 14 track pressing. My practical side says stick with my freebie 25 track 96/24 version… least for now.

This is a great album. I have it on vinyl 4 men with beards pressing. Stand outs for me are “I don’t want to hear it”, “Preacher Man” but there is not a dud on the record. Might have to check out the hi-res versions mentioned above.

For those interested in this album, Deezer (and maybe others) have the Dusty in Memphis 25-track album for streaming. If you have Sonos and Deezer Elite you can stream it at lossless 16/44.1. My Sonos Connect is reclocked and allows me to stream it in 24/96 from Deezer Elite. That’s the highest-res I’ve personally ever heard this album and truth be known, I could live with that resolution forever. I mean I’ve lived with it and loved it on medieval equipment from 8-track thru LP, Cassette and CD for decades & decades & decades so no complaining from me today with contemporary components at a paltry 24/96.